Things I’m Loving Friday #2

It’s almost the weekend! Here is my second installment of “Things I’m Loving Friday.” I hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Nike’s “Better For It” Campaign


(image via DailyMail)

If you haven’t seen this new commercial, stop reading and watch it immediately.  It might be my favorite campaign that Nike has ever done because it is relatable.  We all doubt ourselves and the commercial captures the so-called inner thoughts during a difficult workout.  And the rumors are true, the campaign is Nike’s largest women’s initiative EVER.  The commercial is the perfect balance between funny and inspiring.  Funny story—I was actually part of the cast for this awesome campaign.  Keep an eye out for more versions to come and you might even spot me running. I am very proud to be part of this campaign.

The Secret


I’m not a huge advocate of “self-help” books, but this one really resonated with me.  I purchased The Secret to listen to during my drives (books on tape for the win).  Initially, I wasn’t impressed, but as I continued to listen, it began to grow on me.  Okay, slight spoiler alert.  The idea behind The Secret is we have the ability to create our lives.  Basically we attract what we think about.  Think about good things, and good things will come to you.  And the book relates it to all areas of life—money, relationships, health, etc.  It’s such a simple concept, but I actually found it empowering.  The book is a short read (or “listen”) and while some of it can get repetitive and can seem a bit “out there,” I believe it’s a great resource for anyone looking for a little bit of guidance and positivity in their life.  I found the section about relationships particularly powerful.  Here’s two powerful quotes from the book: 

“Every single relationship you have is a reflection of how you feel inside about you. You are a magnet attracting to you all things, via the signal you are emitting through your thoughts and feelings. Every relationship you have and every interaction with every person, is a reflection of your own thoughts and feelings in that very moment.”


“Set an intention that you are going to see the best in everything and everyone.”

One Boston Day 


(image via RaceWire)

Wednesday April 15 marked the two-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.  These events have had personal meaning and touched me because my family is from Boston.  Many of my close friends experienced the bombings first hand.  Wednesday was the first ever “One Boston Day,” which is “a celebration of the resiliency, generosity, and strength of the people that make Boston the great city it is,” according to the One Boston website.  Bostonians were encouraged to come together as a community, demonstrate humanity, and perform small & random acts of kindness.  I love seeing a city turn a terrible event into something positive.  The city also observed a moment of silence at 2:49 p.m., the time when the first bomb went off two years ago.  You can read more about One Boston Day here.

The Longevity Diet 

I originally found this article on Facebook after a friend of mine shared it.  I’ll give you a quick summary.  The article is actually an excerpt from the book The Blue Zones Solution by Dan Buettner.  The book explores the lifestyle habits and diet practices of the world’s longest-living people. This particular except profiles a 104-year-old woman from Okinawa, Japan and lists the top “longevity foods” from Okinawa.  My favorite statistic from the article —“All Okinawans age 100 or more who are alive today were born between 1903 and 1914. During the first third of their lives, roughly before 1940, the vast majority of the calories they consumed — more than 60 percent — came from one food: the imo, or Okinawan sweet potato.”  I find this type of stuff fascinating and I will definitely be purchasing the book!  P.S. Eat your sweet potatoes.

Skinny Pop

71k9hYxqpCL._SL1500_I have been on a huge popcorn kick lately.  My favorite brand — Skinny Pop.  It’s contains no GMOs, gluten, or preservatives and tastes delicious.  I tend to be a “mindless snacker” on occasion and this is the perfect snack I can indulge in without packing on the pounds.  It comes in 4 flavors, but I prefer the original.  At only 39 calories per cup, I can snack on it ALL NIGHT LONG 😉

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