Things I’m Loving Friday #1

Happy Friday! I’d like to introduce a new series titled “Things I’m Loving Friday.”  Every Friday I’ll be sharing 5 of my current obsessions with you all! This is, naturally, the first installment. By week 4 or 5, you will definitely start to become aware of just how quirky I am.  Feel free to share things you’re loving with me as well.  I hope you enjoy!

Books On Tape


Considering I spend approximately 5,000 hours per week in the traffic (thanks, LA), I am surprised it has taken me until now to discover the amazingness that is books on tape.  It is a great and productivr way to pass the time and I can get through about one book per week.  I started with My favorite book on tape so far was Born To Run by Christopher McDougall (I know I’m super late to the party on that one).  Currently I’m about halfway through Wild: From Lost to Found On The Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed.  If you spend as much time in the car as I do, I highly recommend downloading some books on tape.  You can thank me later.

Hot Yoga

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My workouts go in phases.  For a few months, I’m triathlon-obsessed and swim, bike, run like crazy.  Then I’ll be a gym rat, suddenly on a 6-day per week lifting split.  Right now, hot yoga is my jam.  Core Power Yoga is my home away from home.  They offer a variety of different classes, for beginner to advanced yogis, with varying levels of heat.  I love their 1 hour, heated vinyasa classes.  The room is a bit cooler than it would be for a Bikram class (note: Core Power Yoga is NOT Bikram though they offer classes similar to the traditional Bikram classes).  They have studios across the U.S. and if you are at all remotely interested in yoga, you must check it out.  You’ll walk out of class wondering how you could sweat THAT much and feeling cleansed and rejuvenated.

Friday Night Lights


Again, late to the game on this one.  One of my hobbies (and talents…yes this is a talent) is binge-watching shows on Netflix.  Currently — Friday Night Lights.  I don’t care if you don’t like football, this show is addicting.  The story lines draw you in and will tug at your heart strings.  Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself wishing you actually lived in Dillon, Texas and were friends with Matt Saracen, Tim Riggins, and the Taylors.  The show is only 5 seasons, so it’s not a huge commitment.  Oh and the cast is pretty easy on the eyes as well…



Baseball is back.  And if you’re anything like me, opening week is like Christmas.  Naturally, I have the MLB package so that I can watch any and all games and at any given point during the day, you can hear a baseball game echoing through my house.  Side Note: Things I’m NOT Loving is that Los Angeles residents with DirectTV still can’t watch Dodger games.  If you’re an LA resident Dodger fan, you know what I’m talking about… But in the meantime Viva Los Doyer (and Red Sox!)



My obsession of KIND bars was re-ignited when a friendly barista at my local Starbucks gave me one for free the other day! It was love at first bite.  They’re gluten-free, non-GMO and low in sugar.  I’ve been nomming on “Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate Nut.”  Tell me that doesn’t sound amazing.  If that doesn’t tickle your fancy (aside from the fact that you might not actually be human), they have tons of other delicious flavors.  On the back of my free bar it reads: “This bar is not for sale. It’s a treat for you. You’ve been kinded. Pass it on.”  Love it.  Happy Friday!

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