Yoga & The Brain

In my last post, I discussed how yoga is outpacing running in popularity.  This could be good news for yoga enthusiasts and others who want to strengthen their brains but don’t want to engage in more physically demanding exercises that are known to ...

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If running and yoga were competing in a popularity contest, and in a way they are, the clear winner would be yoga. Over the past four years, 16 million Americans have taken up yoga while two million Americans have quit running footraces. Yoga’s ...

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Things I’m Loving Friday #1

Happy Friday! I’d like to introduce a new series titled “Things I’m Loving Friday.”  Every Friday I’ll be sharing 5 of my current obsessions with you all! This is, naturally, the first installment. By week 4 or 5, you will definitely start to become ...

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The Active Times’ Best Yoga Poses for Cyclists

Happy Hump Day! Cycling is one of my favorite workouts. It’s challenging, fun, and is great for toning your legs.  Whether I’m hitting up a Soul Cycle class or getting outside to ride the open road, I know cycling will always kick my ...

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Fitness Lover’s Holiday Wishlist

Christmas (aka my favorite time of year) is right around the corner.  I’m being honest when I say that at least 85% of the Christmas gifts that I receive are fitness or health related.  And I have absolutely NO problem with that!  This ...

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Fitness Gadgets and Gear You Must Try

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the long weekend!  Last year, I spent Labor Day in Massachusetts, relaxing on the beach and enjoying all that New England has to offer.  There’s something really special about spending summers back ...

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Best Arm Exercises for Women

I have been active my whole life, but one part of my body that I neglected for a long time was my arms.  I knew exercises I needed to do to get strong legs…squats, lunges, etc.  But when it came to my upper ...

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4 Yoga Poses to Target Problem Areas

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Today’s Workout Wednesday is a little bit different than what I’ve been doing in the past.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had the opportunity to film a yoga segment with Fox News Magazine!  The segment ...

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