Healthy Living Should Not be a Burden

The best gift we will ever receive is good health.  But only one person who can deliver it to you: you.  Resolutions won’t do it.  Advice on diet and exercise won’t do it.  Expensive gym memberships and equipment won’t do it.  Fancy fitness ...

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The Wonderful Winter Workout Playlist

It’s true.  It can be really difficult to motivate yourself to workout during the winter months…ESPECIALLY if you live in a cold climate.  But neglecting your body during winter will leave you regretting your decision to stay cuddled on the couch with that extra ...

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Thoughts on Half Ironman Training

When I was looking for a new challenge, I signed up for Ironman Miami 70.3 in April of this year.  I hired a coach, underwent lactate threshold testing, and began training in May.  I knew it would be a lot, but I never ...

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The Ultimate Summer Workout Playlist

It’s Motivation Monday and today Olivia and I sharing with you our “Ultimate Summer Workout Playlist!” Olivia has been visiting me in LA for the past week and we had a great time creating this fun and uplifting playlist! Enjoy!

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5 Reasons You Should Sign Up For A Race!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—I used to HATE running.  It did not come easy to me and it was not fun.  That runner’s high that people talk about…yeah, that was definitely not happening.  For a while, I wasn’t sure ...

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America’s Hottest Ninja Warrior

In need of some motivation?  Meet my new hero and role model: Kacy Catanzaro.  This chick is BADASS.  The 5-foot-tall, former NCAA gymnast is the first woman ever to qualify for the Las Vegas Finals of American Ninja Warrior.  She dominated the course and ...

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Ironman Miami 70.3 Training

I’ve gotten a few questions about what a week of training looks like for me so I thought I’d share this with you guys!  This is my 8th week of training and it is the most that I have done so far.  Let ...

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Motivation Monday: My Favorite Quote

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope your weekend was amazing and that you’re looking forward to taking on the week ahead!  The weather has been gorgeous in Los Angeles over the past week and I spent a lot of my time this weekend relaxing ...

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