If running and yoga were competing in a popularity contest, and in a way they are, the clear winner would be yoga. Over the past four years, 16 million Americans have taken up yoga while two million Americans have quit running footraces. Yoga’s ...

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Best Arm Exercises for Women

I have been active my whole life, but one part of my body that I neglected for a long time was my arms.  I knew exercises I needed to do to get strong legs…squats, lunges, etc.  But when it came to my upper ...

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Beginner Arm Workout

A few weeks ago, Olivia came to LA to visit.  One of the questions that she kept asking me was “How do I tone my arms?” (She has realllllyyyyyyyyy skinny arms).  I took her to the gym a few times and showed her ...

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Motivation Monday: My Favorite Quote

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope your weekend was amazing and that you’re looking forward to taking on the week ahead!  The weather has been gorgeous in Los Angeles over the past week and I spent a lot of my time this weekend relaxing ...

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