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16-Minute Beach Workout

Olivia is visiting me in California this week and we are having a great time!  She landed on Monday morning and we went straight to the beach for a run and some time in the sun.  Working out at the beach makes exercising ...

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Tone Your Back

Alright everyone…it’s officially summer which equals HEAT which equals LESS CLOTHING which equals TIME TO GET IN AMAZING SHAPE SO YOU CAN SHOW OFF YOUR AMAZING BODY! I’ve provided some ab, butt, arm, leg, and cardio workouts but I haven’t hit the back until now.  Today I’m ...

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Ironman Miami 70.3 Training

I’ve gotten a few questions about what a week of training looks like for me so I thought I’d share this with you guys!  This is my 8th week of training and it is the most that I have done so far.  Let ...

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Beginner Arm Workout

A few weeks ago, Olivia came to LA to visit.  One of the questions that she kept asking me was “How do I tone my arms?” (She has realllllyyyyyyyyy skinny arms).  I took her to the gym a few times and showed her ...

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