Pre-Thanksgiving Metabolism-Boosting Workout

Happy ALMOST Thanksgiving!! I love Thanksgiving because, let’s be serious, I love food. Who doesn’t?!? But it’s not uncommon to over-indulge during your Thanksgiving feast. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with treating yourself (I think it’s good for the soul and a necessary part of life!).  But when I know I’m going to be nomming on a big meal (#THANKSGIVING), I like to get in a good workout earlier in the day.  My go-to Turkey Day workout is a Turkey Trot, but if you want to save money and time, you should try out my Pre-Thanksgiving Metabolism-Boosting Workout.  It is equipment-free, fast-paced, fun and will burn mega calories! Give it a go before your Thanksgiving Feast so you can go ham (or should I say turkey?!) without the guilt!


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