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Ahhh New York City.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I travel to New York a lot.  I have a lot of meetings in New York, since that is where most magazines are based.  But when I go for work, I always make sure that I have a little fun. I love traveling and New York City is one of my favorite destinations.  The people.  The energy.  The RUNNING.  I love it all.  Allow me to give you a brief recap of my most recent trip to the city that never sleeps.

I arrived Monday night in New York around 7 p.m. (perfect time to miss the rush-hour traffic) and headed straight from the airport to the hotel with my friend Tucker for a quick shower before meeting some friends for dinner.  We went to this Chinese restaurant called Han Dynasty in the East Village and let me tell you, it was amazing. After loads of noodles and some insanely delicious meat, I rolled myself out of there and back to the hotel.  Since I was still on California time, I was pretty awake so I went for a walk around the city and to Times Square before heading up to the room and calling it a night.

I spent a good majority of the next morning working and prepping for meetings.  I hit up Sarabeth’s, which is my number one favorite brunch spot in New York.  I love it because they serve brunch until 3 p.m. (I’m not a morning person) and it is literally 100 feet from my hotel.  It really can’t get any better than that.  If you ever go there, get the basket of fresh muffins and pastries and you can thank me later. 

After I ate that basket of muffins, I headed to Central Park for a run.  The weather was perfect, low 60s with no wind.  Central Park is my absolute FAVORITE place in the world to run.  I love seeing all of the other runners (#MOTIVATION) and, of course, no matter the season, it is always gorgeous. 

IMG_0558 IMG_0580 IMG_0579

Later that night, I met more friends for dinner at a Momofuku — a noodle bar in the east village.  I had no idea that any type of restaurant like this even existed and I have clearly been missing out on life.  I ordered the Ginger Scallion Noodles and would absolutely recommend it.  All three of my friends ordered the Momofuku Ramen, which they all raved about as well.  After noodles, we hit up a fun little bar/restaurant called Duck’s Eatery in the East Village.  They had some delicious cocktails and a really cool vibe (picture a film being projected on a brick wall).  I was pretty tired from the day, so after one drink, I decided to walk back to my hotel for a little more exercise.  It was about a 3 mile walk and the crisp fall air felt amazing.

I started my Wednesday off with a morning meeting, followed by lunch at Sarabeth’s, some work, and yet another walk in the park.  I couldn’t get enough of this fall weather!



Wednesday night I had dinner at this place called Saraghina, which is in Brooklyn.  It’s an adorable little Italian restaurant that is reasonably priced and has great food.  Highly recommend it.

Thursday was rainy and cold and the weather was quite a shock to my little California body.  


I wasn’t going to let the rain get to me, though.  After a meeting in Times Square, I headed to Central Park for yet another run.  I wore these awesome NYC Marathon gloves that my friend got me to keep me warm.  Next year, I absolutely want to run that race!


For dinner Thursday night, my mom, some friends, and I went to BondSt Sushi. Coming from Los Angeles, I am really picky about my sushi and BondSt has some of the best sushi I have ever had.  If you go there you MUST order the Big Eye Tuna Tarts or we can no longer be friends.  Also, do yourself a favor and try the Shishito Jalapeño Margarita.  You’re welcome.


Post-dinner, my friends and I headed to a sports bar in Greenwich Village called Blue Haven to watch the end of the football game.  And my best friend in the entire world, Meaghan, had just gotten into town and met us there.  Twas a good night.

The next morning (Friday), I was exhausted from all of the activity the past few days.  I got up early for another meeting, had a delicious hangover brunch at Sarabeth’s, and then headed to my hotel and laid in bed watching TV for a few hours to regain my energy.  I ended up hitting up the hotel gym for a quick workout before showering and packing up my luggage to move to my friend Sam’s place in Brooklyn.  He so kindly offered to take me and Meaghan in since neither of us had a place to stay for the remainder of our trip.

Meaghan arrived at the hotel around 7 p.m. and we grabbed our suitcases to begin a long, cold, exhausting journey to Brooklyn. 


We stopped in the East Village to go for a walk with my friend Otto.  He let me borrow his winter jacket because I am basically a cold blooded reptile and it was amazing.


Then we picked up some taco’s from his restaurant—Otto’s Tacos (more about that to come later)—as well as some groceries for my friend in Brooklyn and headed over the bridge for a relaxing night in.  We ate tacos, drank wine, and watched How To Train Your Dragon 2.  Exactly what I needed.

The next day, Meaghan and I got up and made Sam pancakes as a thank you for letting us stay with him before he had to head in to work.  Then we got all bundled up (it was REALLY freakin cold out Saturday) and took the subway to Central Park for a run.  I love running with people and, even more than that, I love running with Meaghan. We stayed at a pretty easy pace and just took in all of scenery.  Oh and we stopped to take pictures.

IMG_0726 IMG_0775 IMG_0715


After our run, we headed over to Otto’s Tacos to meet Otto (yeah, he’s the owner, no big deal) and were STARVING.  Meaghan and I love Mexican food.  And because we both grew up in L.A., we are very picky with our Mexican food.  I ain’t lying when I say Otto’s Taco’s is delicious.  They were featuring a special that week — a fish taco with fried cod — and I literally couldn’t get enough of it.  But all of the tacos on the menu are ah-ma-zing.  And if you go there, you must must must order chips and guacamole AND chips and salsa.  The guac and the salsa are equally food-gasmic and you won’t regret it.


In a post-taco coma, Meaghan and I headed to Brooklyn to shower and get ready for the night.  Then we met Otto for some more food (yes we like to eat, get over it) at this little restaurant called Westville.  The Fried Brussels Sprouts may or may not have been life-changing.  And the Veggie Burger…I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Once we had eaten, we headed over to Duck’s again for some post-dinner cocktails.  I rarely go out drinking with Meaghan and although we kept it pretty tame, we had an absolute blast.  By the end of the night, we were talking to each other in Australian accents.  I ended up heading home around 1:30 and Meaghan went out to some more bars/clubs with Otto.  Phone casualty #1 happened that night.  Way to go Meaghan!

image1 (3)

Sunday was pretty chill.  Meaghan went to New Jersey to see some of her friends play volleyball and I went for a run in Brooklyn.  I found Sam’s cat in a cabinet and thought that was funny so I leave you with this picture for your amusement.


Meaghan and I went to Otto’s later that night for one last fish taco.  I am actually legitimately sad that I don’t get any more of them.  You can’t put something THAT delicious on the menu and then just TAKE IT AWAY, OTTO!  JEEZ!!!


Post dinner #1, we went to dinner #2 at Bare Burger in the East Village.  Even though we vowed not to eat, I ended up eating half of Otto’s burger and a good amount of his french fries.  Yes, I plan on cleansing my body for like a month now.  I seriously need to drink something green and go for a run. 

Post dinner #2, Meaghan and I went to dinner #3 (GO BIG OR GO HOME) at the restaurant that Sam works at, Lupa.  By the time we got there, we were already stuffed, but the food looked SO good that we couldn’t resist.  I have nothing but good things to say about Lupa.  I’m not a huge fan of Italian food (don’t get me wrong, I like it, it’s just not my favorite), but everything I tried here was delicious.  We started off with the Roasted Delicata Squash with Pomegranate & Shisho (MOUTH-WATERING) and then split the Pumpkin Cappellacci (DELICIOUS).  I’m not going to tell you to order these items because I am 1000% sure that everything on the menu is wonderful but I assure you that the food we ate will NOT let you down.  The rest of the night was spent working our way out of a food coma and packing. 

Monday morning, Meaghan’s flight left at 7:00 a.m. (too early for Dempsey) and sadly the Uber ride to the airport was the scene of phone casualty #2.  Poor Meaghan.  Way to be a trooper.  After I said goodbye to Sam, I finished packing, cleaned up the apartment a bit, and went for a long walk.  I have such a hard time sitting still on planes, so I knew that I had to be active all day leading up to my flight.  I met Otto for lunch at Roberta’s in Brooklyn.  I LOVED this place and will definitely be going back.  I got the Ojalda — fried egg, chorizo, potato, avocado, crema — and he got the Margareta Pizza (which, naturally, I ate half of).  It was the perfect way to end a perfect trip to NYC.


Even though I was really sad to leave all of my NYC friends, I could not have asked for a more fun and productive trip.  I will be back to New York soon and will have more adventures to share with you all!

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