Motivation Monday: A Week in the Life of an Ironman-In-Training

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  Why?  Well guess what tomorrow is???? It’s my birthday!!! Wooh hooh! The big 23!  And then my dad’s birthday is on Thursday.  Yes, a big week in the Marks’ household!  Anyway, people seemed to like my last Ironman 70.3 training post, so I thought I would make another one.  This is a nice, little summary of last week’s training.  It was the beginning of a new “phase” of my training, which was exciting.  Hopefully, this will also motivate you all!  Just be happy you’re not working out as much as me 😉

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Monday 6/30: Swim

Mondays are supposed be for running, but by the time I was ready to run, it was 100 degrees.  Decided to swim instead and enjoyed a nice, cool, and boring 1500 m in the pool. Looked back at my times for this same workout in May and turns out I’ve gotten….slower! (Just a little, but still)  I’ll blame it on the heat…

Tuesday 7/1: Cycle, Run Brick

A new trainer workout!! I’ve been doing ~basically~ the same trainer workout for months and I was stoked to switch things up.  I shouldn’t have been as stoked as I was.  It turns out this workout was MUCH harder than what I’ve been doing (DUH DEMPSEY!).  1 hour later I was drenched in sweat and headed out for a 15-minute transition run.  Finished just in time to watch the USA game and have my heart broken.  I did dress my dog up in some patriotic gear. Enjoy.

image (22)

Wednesday 7/2: Run

Ran in Beverly Hills before a doctor’s appointment.  An easy 75 minutes staring at mansions and wondering how the people who live in them could possibly use all of the rooms.  Never could quite figure it out.  Knee gave me trouble too, but managed to finish the run.

Thursday 7/3: Cycle

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Supposed to be a bike/run brick, but since my knee was being a little brat yesterday, decided just to ride.  2.5 hours = longest ride to date.  It was also approximately 1000 degrees outside, too.  By the time I reached 2 hours I was ready to be done.  Can’t believe I have to ride 56 miles in this triathlon…like, what the hell?

Friday 7/4: Swim + Lift

A swim and a lift, both of which went better than expected which is surprising because I am pretty damn slow in the pool and haven’t lifted in forever.  Channeled my inner Michael Phelps for 800 m pull and then 50 m repeats and actually felt kind of adequate.  Chase and I posed for a photo op before I went out with friends later.

photo (5)

Saturday 7/4: Run

A beautiful run on the beach where it was insanely crowded.  Got to try a new speed workout, which was fun and exciting (read: running dork).  Main set was 10×3 min Zone 4, 1 min rest.  Couldn’t have been happier to be done, because it was hottttttttt out there.  Took a quick dip in the water AND did a little scouting for the Malibu Triathlon, which I’ll be competing in in September!

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Sunday: Rest

image (24)

Rest.  I.  Needed.  This.

Weekly Totals:

7 hours and 22 minutes of training

2900 m swimming

~32 miles cycling + 1 trainer workout

15.3 miles running

30 minutes strength training



  1. Megan
    July 13, 2014

    Just curious, is stretching a part of your training?

    • dempsey
      July 24, 2014

      Yes!!! I stretch after almost all of my workouts AND I spend about 30 minutes stretching and foam rolling every other night. It’s a huge part of injury prevention and has is an integral part of my routine


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