Ironman Miami 70.3 Training

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I’ve gotten a few questions about what a week of training looks like for me so I thought I’d share this with you guys!  This is my 8th week of training and it is the most that I have done so far.  Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns!

Monday 6/16: Run

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An easy 75-minute run that was actually a lot harder than it should have been because it was approximately 497 degrees when I started my run.  This is what I get for not waking up on time and trying to run at 12 pm in the San Fernando Valley.  But I didn’t die of heat stroke, so that’s always a plus.

Tuesday 6/17: Cycle

A lovely 1-hour a.m. trainer ride completed while watching Gilmore Girls (I realize I am like 14 years late, don’t judge).  Lots of sweat combined with lots of teen drama = perfect way to start my day.

Wednesday 6/18: Swim

1400 m in the pool which actually felt like 4000 m because I get bored super easily when I swim.  BUT I got my back tan on which always makes me happy.  On a non-training related note, I got to see Clayton Kershaw pitch a no-hitter that night and almost died of happiness.  I LOVE SPORTS!

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Thursday 6/19: Cycle, Run Brick

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Didn’t start my workout until 5:30 p.m. which I would not recommend because motivation levels were insanely low.  Pushed through my laziness and completed a 2 hour ride followed by a 15 minute transition run and finished the workout 2 minutes before sunset (which was CLUTCH because I was not in a very good area).  Go Dempsey!

Friday 6/20: Swim

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Back in the pool for a fast 1500 m set, which actually isn’t really that fast because I’m not a fast swimmer but let me go with it and pretend I’m Michael Phelps.

Saturday 6/21: Run

Gorgeous run on the beach followed by a refreshing dip in the Pacific Ocean.  Saturday was speed-work, which slowed down considerably by my last interval because I couldn’t keep my heart rate down.  Main set was 6×5 min HR Zone 3 with 1-minute easy recovery.  Finished up with a total of 56 minutes of running.

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Sunday 6/22: Lift

Was going to rest BUT thought I was traveling today so I planned on resting today but I’m actually not traveling so I really should have rested… OH WELL.  I am not insanely sore because I haven’t lifted in forever.  Thank God this is a recovery week.

Weekly Totals:

7 hours and 5 minutes of training

2,900 m swimming

~26 miles cycling + 1 trainer workout

14.5 miles running

45 minutes strength training

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