Hiking In LA

Last week Olivia came to Los Angeles for a mini vacation.  We did a lot of work for the website, but we also had a ton of fun.  Hanging out with friends is awesome, but it can also lead to some unhealthy choices—eating out, drinking, and not exercising.  Now, we’re all for everything in moderation because we love indulging, having a few drinks, and taking days off from working out, but when you can, it’s important to stay active.

So, one of our Lifestyle Fit Tips is that when you’re spending time with friends, you should try to do something active.  When Olivia touched down at LAX, I called her and asked if she wanted to go for an early evening hike at Runyon Canyon.  She loved the idea and we ended up having a blast.  We chatted and caught up, goofed around, taped a silly video, and were able to burn a ton of calories!  We challenge you that the next time you hang out with friends, get out and get active.  Check out our video of our hike!


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