Happy Birthday Dempsey

Happy Birthday Dempsey 

It’s hard to believe that one year ago today I was asked to join the Marks family for dinner to celebrate Dempsey’s 22nd birthday. I was new to LA and had just started my internship at NBC.  Dempsey and I weren’t super close yet, but I jumped at the opportunity desperately wanting to make new friends in LA.  I remember spending hours scouring the shelves of Barnes and Noble in hopes of finding Dempsey the perfect gift. I settled on a nutrition book because her mom had mentioned she was working on a fitness website and needed some nutrition material.

Little did we know that one year later we would not only be business partners but also the best of friends.  I wanted to take the time to write a post to show how truly grateful I am for her friendship.  I was able to fill her nutrition need for her website and she was able to give me the opportunity to do exactly what I love to do.  We truly do complete each other!  Happy 23rd Birthday Dempsey! I am so sad I cannot be with you on this special day but I am so excited to celebrate in two weeks during Comic-Con 2014!!


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