Pre-Thanksgiving Metabolism-Boosting Workout

Happy ALMOST Thanksgiving!! I love Thanksgiving because, let’s be serious, I love food. Who doesn’t?!? But it’s not uncommon to over-indulge during your Thanksgiving feast. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with treating yourself (I think it’s good for the soul and a necessary ...

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Couch Potato Workout Ideas!

Happy Hump Day!  Today I have some very exciting news and a unique Workout Wednesday!  I am thrilled to announce that I will be the guest editor for Diets In Review for the month of August! I will be sharing workout ideas, recipes, ...

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16-Minute Beach Workout

Olivia is visiting me in California this week and we are having a great time!  She landed on Monday morning and we went straight to the beach for a run and some time in the sun.  Working out at the beach makes exercising ...

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12-Minute Quickie Workout!

Happy almost Fourth of July!! Holiday weekends are so much fun, BUT I know I always feel better about indulging when I get a workout in.  However, I usually don’t want to spend a ton of time working out when there is fun to be ...

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Boredom-Busting Running Interval Workout

I’ll admit it…running can get boring.  And this is coming from someone who absolutely LOVES TO RUN.  But if I occasionally get bored running, I can only imagine what running is like for the non-runnning-obsessed.  That’s why I created this Boredom-Busting Running Interval Workout! ...

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Fat Burning Running Interval Workout

Today I am sharing an awesome running interval workout with you! While I love hitting the road and running for miles and miles and miles, I know that many people prefer to get their runs done as quickly as possible. That’s why I created ...

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