Motivation Monday – Running Playlist!

Happy Memorial Day AND Motivation Monday! This week is Running Week and all of our posts will focus on, you guessed it, RUNNING!  Today we’re providing you with an awesome running playlist.  This playlist is a great mix of everything (rock, rap, pop, ...

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Hiking In LA

Last week Olivia came to Los Angeles for a mini vacation.  We did a lot of work for the website, but we also had a ton of fun.  Hanging out with friends is awesome, but it can also lead to some unhealthy choices—eating ...

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5 Minute Butt Blaster

It’s Workout Wednesday!  Our video this week is a little late, but that’s okay because it only takes 5 MINUTES TO COMPLETE! Yup, only 5 minutes!!! Olivia was kind enough to help out and demonstrate all the exercises for this video and she ...

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Vegetarian Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

This week’s recipe is a favorite of mine.  These rice paper rolls are simple to prepare and make a great dinner or party appetizer.  They are satisfying and delicious but won’t leave you feeling too full.  Test them out and let me know what your think! ...

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When Olivia Met Dempsey

“Friendship is born at the moment when one man says to another ‘What! You too? I thought that no one but myself…’” – CS Lewis Today Olivia and I wanted to share with you the stories of how we met.  It is truly ...

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5 Morning Workout Tips

I am not a morning person.  Let me repeat, I am not a morning person.  In fact, I quite possibly might hate waking up in the morning more than anyone else in the history of the world.  There have been times where I’ve ...

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Vanilla Strawberry French Toast

French toast…one of the most delicious breakfast options of all time. Unfortunately, conventional french toast recipes tend to be high in fat, cholesterol, sugar, and calories while providing little nutritional benefit. That’s why I created my Vanilla Strawberry French Toast! It’s delicious, healthy, ...

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5 Running Tips for Beginners

Running is hands down my favorite form of exercise. It’s cheap and simple and there’s nothing like the endorphin rush after a good run. But I didn’t always love running. In fact, for a good period of time, I hated it. I can ...

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