5 Morning Workout Tips


I am not a morning person.  Let me repeat, I am not a morning person.  In fact, I quite possibly might hate waking up in the morning more than anyone else in the history of the world.  There have been times where I’ve snoozed my alarm for two and half hours…no I didn’t turn it off and reset it for two and a half hours later, I actually woke up in ten minute increments for two and half hours to shut up my beeping iPhone until I finally mustered up the energy to get out of bed.  Don’t judge.

Okay, so now that you’ve got the idea that I’m not a morning person, I’m going to share with you my morning workout tips.  When I get in an A.M. workout, I feel better about myself and the day ahead of me.  Morning workouts help jumpstart your metabolism and give you more energy.  Plus, if you workout in the morning, you can relax at night after either work or school.  As the day goes on, there’s always more “excuses” to not workout.  That’s why working out in the morning (before things come up) is a good idea.

So without further ado, here are my morning workout tips:

  1. Prepare the night before!  This is absolutely essential.  Minimize anything you need to do in the morning before your workout.  This can be anything from laying out (or even sleeping in) your workout clothes to filling up your water bottle to packing your gym bag.
  2. Get excited.  Well, as excited as you possibly can get about waking up before you’d like to.  I recommend planning to do your favorite type of workout (at least for the first couple times you attempt this!).  If you absolutely despise running, don’t make yourself get up and run.  Instead, go to your favorite spin class or do some weightlifting at the gym.  Either way, motivate yourself by planning a workout that you’re actually excited to do.
  3. Make it known! You don’t have to be that person that checks in at your local gym every morning at 5 a.m. or the person who posts all of their morning runs on every social media site in existence, but sometimes publicizing your victories (that is victory over the lure of your bed) can be great motivation.  Let’s be serious, we all care at least somewhat about what others think of us so a little bragging can be worth it.  If you’re uncomfortable posting your check-ins or runs on Instagram, Twitter, of Facebook, try telling people in real life (I know, crazy concept) about your workouts.  I promise, they’ll be impressed and that will motivate you to do it all over again.
  4. Meet a friend.  This is an (almost) sure fire way to get yourself out of bed and to the gym.  If you commit to working out with a friend, you basically have to get up and go.  Unless, of course, you want to look like a douche that stood up their bestie for a 5 a.m. gym date.  In all seriousness, working out with a friend almost guarantees that you’ll make it to the gym and have a fun workout.
  5. Remember how it feels.  No, not the second you wake up, when you’re dragging your tired-ass out of bed.  Remember how it feels when you finish your workout.  When it’s 8 a.m. and you’ve already finished your workout.  When you have the whole day in front of you.  When you no longer have to worry about fitting in a gym sesh.  And also remember how amazing it feels after work (or school) when you can go home and crash and not worry about fighting the post-work crowds at the gym.  It’s a beautiful feeling.  Remember it when you wake up and are debating whether or not go.  As Nike would say, Just Do It.

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