Eat The Rainbow


Have you ever wondered why doctors and dietitians tell you to “Eat The Rainbow”?  Well, it’s not just to make your plate look festive. Rather, the answer lies in the chemical compound known as “phytochemicals.”  Phytochemicals are responsible for the pigment of food.  On a very simple level, each “color” provides its own health benefits (ranging from heart health to cancer prevention).

It is no surprise that most phytochemicals reside fruits, vegetables, and legumes. But on the east coast, it’s difficult to find these types of foods in the middle of winter.  Don’t worry though!  I have some resources to help get you started.  Here is a link that explains what produce is in season by state.  This will ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck (both financially and nutritionally)!  And, when it doubt, you can always resort to frozen produce. No nutrients are lost in the freezing process and frozen food lasts forever!

Here is a list of each color and its respective health benefits.  Try thinking about this the next time you blend a smoothie or whip up some stir fry!


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